View from the top: John Dunn, Deputy Editor and security guru, techworld.com

April 15, 2009

The Countdown2 team were delighted to have caught up with the charming John Dunn, part of the launch team of techworld.com. John and his family are based up in Scotland so only seriously ask him to pop out for a beer if you’re in Edinburgh or if you can trip him up at Infosecurity later this month.

What does John say about himself? I’ll confess to liking Flight of the Conchords for its melancholy and I might even admit my passion for Miles Davis and the Tour de France if you pushed me… I try not to like too many things – way too exhausting. Things I think are over-rated include most technology – especially the iPhone – and extremely tidy houses.

Q – Tell us a little bit about the titles you write for and their interest in security:

Techworld mainly, which approaches security from the technology angle but is really more interested in the seedy crimes themselves.

Q – What’s hot in IT security this year?

The same as was hot last year and the year before – the ease with which technology allows crime to be committed for little risk and at some distance.

Q – How many Infosecurity’s have you been to?

Er….six I think.

Q – This year is Infosecurity better than ever or is it like some shows in decline?

All shows go into decline eventually because they struggle to change. Infosec is quite small and it’s a long way from the bloated PR-fests of the old computer shows nobody can remember now…

Q. – What types of stories or companies are likely to attract your attention this Infosecurity? 

Anything that has a news angle and which can’t easily be written up by IDG’s news service. It’s like competing with Big Brother.

Q – When do you start planning your diary at Infosecurity? I don’t – let it happen spontaneously I say. Over-planned shows get you nowhere.

Q. – Who is worth listening to? The white hats.

Q. – What’s your favourite blog? One of many security blogs by people with some insight into the criminal mind. Techie blogs less so.

Q – What is your favourite piece of technology?

My wife’s Wi-Fi radio. I can get WXPN, one of the best radio stations on earth even though it’s broadcast in Philadelphia, PA.

Q -What do you think is the most important development in IT security to date?

The slow realisation that the web is half wonder, half disaster. It’s too open.

Q – What is the best piece of advice for exhibitors at Infosecurity?

Don’t waste too much time talking to journalists. Nobody listens to them anyway.

Thanks for your time John! Looking forward to catching up at Infosecurity in London very soon and of course I hope not too many heed your advice on talking to journalists, especially the ones with some good stories that don’t suit Big Brother.


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