RSA: Notes from the Launchpad Part Two

March 10, 2010

First impressions are not always what they seem….

OK, I admit it. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I had jet lag or maybe I wasn’t looking in the right place. But it turns out there were tons of freebies at RSA; I just didn’t see them on my first day. There was a rather neat mobile holder, and my raffle ticket was mere digits away from winning an iPad on the Nitrosecurity stand. (I did try out my “graceful loser smile,” but somehow I think “grimace” is more accurate). There was the lovely trip to New Zealand with Endace; IOActive’s pirate patches; and Qualsys was giving away free beer (quaff with Qualys!), although their party police were on hand to make sure we didn’t have too much fun. I didn’t actually wait around for the Qualys beer, because I’m sorry, but as a Brit I am not going to queue up for beer when there is a perfectly good margarita waiting for me at the @darkreading party just around the corner.

IOActive's pirate patches

But enough of freebies. After all, that is certainly not the primary interest of a roving commercial marketer at such a show. No, no; indeed, I did see some other neat things. I’m a BIG fan of Bletchley Park, home of Turing and his team, which cracked the Enigma Code (wartime hackers, one might say). One of the Bletchley team’s nemeses was at the Cryptography Research stand.

Enigma Code

Apparently there were also live bugs on the ESET stand, provided by the very nice man I met at the @darkreading party. He wanted to show me a picture of his bugs, but (un)fortunately, the battery on his iPhone died just before he could reveal the beasts in all their glory. I was perhaps the only person at the show who was relieved that the Apple flagship phone’s battery life isn’t the greatest. But just for you, my special people, I will still try and track down this photo.

For those not lucky enough to check out the show yourself, here are some highlights from the great and the good in media land!

The lovely expat, Iain Thomson, US Editor of V3.co.uk

Views from the Valley: RSA Conference 2010

And the equally lovely but not yet absconded stateside Paul Fisher of SC Magazine (UK):

Industry Trends Podcast with Paul Fisher

Now onto our next task: welcoming many of these great and good vendors to sunny London for Infosecurity at the end of April. 🙂 Tough life, eh?

Not at all.


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