Video in your sights? Have you checked out SC Vision?

March 19, 2010

The website went live late in February. Watch the video “carousel;” it’s mesmerising (especially when you watch it in tune to the music in SC’s promo).

If you haven’t heard of it yet, SC Vision is web portal containing a collection of videos on today’s biggest challenges facing the information security industry, addressed from both a client- and a supplier-side point of view.

The SC Vision team researches all content by telephoning and emailing CISOs, CIOs and CTOs in a range of sectors to ask about their challenges. The videos are free to view, and for the client-side, it’s also free to participate.

If your company is facing a major IT security challenge and you’d like to discuss it with peers, the vendor community and the illustrious Paul Fisher, who hosts the videos, send your idea to Alex Whitson at alex.whitson@haymarket.com.

Vendors can participate by sponsoring the videos.

Each show is promoted with a full-page advert in SC Magazine, 3 targeted emails (c. 5000 each), promotion on SC daily newswire (16,000 opt-ins) and promotion at SC conferences. SC will also send you detailed audience reports on your SC TV show every month, including information on viewers per day, geographical breakdown and average viewing time. You can choose for the video to be marketed either with- or without a registration requirement to view the video, although (as with any website), requiring registration will dramatically drop the number of views you achieve. Alex told us Vistorm sponsored first video, with a registration requirement, and achieved about 150 qualified sales leads. Vistorm was so pleased with the results they came back to sponsor another video three weeks later.  

The SC Vision website is interactive and easy to navigate, so it definitely seems geared towards its target audience (information security professionals). You can search videos by topic or by speaker via handy toolbars. When you click on a video, the video comes up along with a dashboard containing speakers’ biographies and a comment box for you to “have your say” – so while you’re listening, you can peruse the speakers’ biographies, make notes and interact with what you’re watching. 

Video is a theme we’ll be exploring more here on the Countdown blogs so keep an eye out for an interview with video mogul, Mike Patrick from VidPR.

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