And the winner is ….. Don’t we all love Awards?

June 11, 2010


The great and the good of the UK IT security industry can enter the Channel Awards run by Computer Reseller News (AKA CRN UK) if you have a role in the security channel or your IT security products are sold through the channel. The deadline is August 6th (5pm British Summer Time to be precise) but don’t delay in getting onto this. A winning application will need thought and time to compile and you’ll need your vendor and/or reseller partners to fully support your application to be shortlisted and this all takes time. In our experience, only top notch third party evidence of your greatness ensures a good chance of success here.

We caught up briefly with the Editor of CRN UK, Sara Yirrell and asked her what her advice is to vendors and channel players alike looking for this acclaimed recognition and the chance to raise the trophy on November 18th at the awards night in Battersea, London:

“Plain and simple, read and adhere to the criteria. I’ve spent a lot of time this year fine-tuning the criteria based on feedback and discussions with the judges and our friends in the industry. Follow those criteria and your company will shine through if you’ve got what it takes. Good luck and we’re looking forward to reviewing your entries!”

More advice from Tony Lock, analyst at Freeform Dynamics, who is on the judges’ panel again this year: “As a judge what I can tell you is: Be honest. Be believable. Without this credibility you’ll do yourself no favours with the panel.”

So let’s have a look at what the criteria are this year for Security Vendor of the Year. For the Storage related awards:

Security Vendor (Full information here)

Entry Criteria:
Your entry will be marked against, and therefore must stick to the following criteria. ENTRIES NOT ADDRESSING THESE POINTS MAY BE MARKED DOWN. Please answer each point separately.

  1. Describe how and why your distribution business stands out from the competition.
  2. Outline any particular initiatives that you have launched or that you run/develop each year which helps resellers maximise sales and keep their customers happy. This can include licensing, credit facilities, support and logistics.
  3. Demonstrate how you use vendor mdf to actively benefit resellers in the security market and drive sales for your vendors.
  4. Pick a particularly successful reseller or vendor case study demonstrating where you have helped them grow their business/grow their channel presence, supported by figures and testimonials from the chosen partner.

Entries are actively encouraged to include hard facts and figures – all of which will be kept strictly confidential and used for judging purposes only. All initiatives must have been new or further developed in 2010 to qualify. Distributors are actively encouraged to enter for more than one award if they so wish, and if the category is relevant to their business.

For Security Distributor of the Year criteria, check here:

Good luck to all applicants out there. And congratulations once more to last year’s security channel winners:

Security vendor of the year
Winner: Check Point

Security Distributor of the Year
Winner: Wick Hill

Security Reseller of the Year
Winner: Caretower

Full list here: https://www.eventsforce.net/ima/frontend/reg/tOtherPage.csp?pageID=1665&ef_sel_menu=39&eventID=7&eventID=7

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