Congratulations to all the winners of the BT Infosec journalist of the year awards

November 23, 2010

Congratulations to the winners and the runners-up – PS interview with overall winner (We did predict this inadvertently ;)) here:

Information Security Journalist of the Year: Davey Winder (Freelance – winner), Emily Ford (The Times) Paul Marks (New Scientist)

Best Information Security News Story: Paul Marks (New Scientist – winner), Wendy Grossman (Newswireless.net), Murad Ahmed (The Times)

Best Business Continuity Feature of the Year: Danny Bradbury (Infosecurity – winner), Paul Marks (New Scientist), Rahiel Nasir (Networking +)

Best Identity Management Feature of the Year: Cath Everett (Infosecurity – winner), Dan Raywood (SC Magazine), Murad Ahmed (The Times)

Best Privacy Feature of the Year: Linda Geddes (New Scientist – winner), Wendy Grossman (Infosecurity), Davey Winder (PC Pro)

Best Generic Security Feature of the Year: Davey Winder (PC Pro – winner), DeeDee Doke (Recruiter), Wendy Grossman (Newswireless.net), Dave Waller (SC Magazine)

Best Overall Information Security Feature of the year: Linda Geddes (New Scientist – winner), Cath Everett (Freelance), Danny Bradbury (Infosecurity), Davey Winder (PC Pro)

Enigma award: Emily Ford (The Times – winner) Wendy Grossman (Freelance)
Full story here.

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