Prepare for the Autumn – and RSA Europe 2011!

March 25, 2011

By Steve Gold (@stevewgold)

Scarcely have IT security professionals returned from what appears to have been a very entertaining RSA Conference in San Francisco than the organisers have announced they are looking for speakers at RSA Conference Europe 2011.

The event takes place this coming October, but RSA says that applications will close on April 8 – so if you want to present, it’s time to get your skates on.

Is it worth the hassle of presenting? Well, when I first started reporting on IT security full-time way back in the late 1980s, I was, I’m ashamed to admit, young and mercenary. I only presented at events where it involved my publisher or they paid a small stipend.

Twenty-five years down the turnpike, I’m older and a little wiser. These events are an incredible shop window for you, your company, and you/your firm’s services. But you need to play fair and not overtly sell your wares – it pays to “play” the event straight down the line. No vapourware, no sales and just interesting and entertaining information for your peers.

These days I trot along to a number of events like this and give my party piece on smart phone security, as well as advanced/hybridised threats. And a few other topics besides.

I normally get nothing more than a pat on the back from my peers. But it works both ways, as they present at some of the events I am involved in.

More importantly, perhaps, these presentations allow veterans like myself – and believe me, I would NEVER have expected to class myself in this category, but time passes – to put back something into the industry.

Thinking back to the conferences I attended in the late 1980s, I remember the veterans of the day then as putting their something back into the industry. Names like Dr. Alan Solomon spring to mind. And yes, THEY didn’t get any expenses either, if memory serves.

The good news is that presenters at RSA Europe 2011 will get to attend the conference at no cost, and that’s worth a bob or two. And hey, you even get to attend sponsors’ special events, including evening sessions.

If you’re interested in presenting at RSA Europe 2011 then check out the Web pages here and do read the tips for submission before submitting your session proposal.

You’ll have to wait until June of this year to find out whether you’re successful, but then you still have a few months to prepare. At 100 words a minute speaking time, be warned that the session can amount to a lot of words.

I should know, I write words for a living…


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