#Infosec11 AKA Infosecurity Europe – coming out of the darkness

April 20, 2011

Well survived Day One of Infosec yesterday despite a substation failure plunging the press room into darkness until around 2pm in the afternoon. Thank goodness for torches giveaways (Thanks to Viaset AKA Stonewood). A PR manager’s nightmare but I am sure the team there did a great job! Some dodgy marketing – who thought it was a good idea to put attractive young ladies in tight t-shirts with the slogan “IT security boobs” puh-lease. Sorry, but that is so last century. And no I don’t have any pictures to share. Maybe next year we can see some buff young chaps in boxer shorts with “IT security c**k ups” on the front now we’d definitely have to get some pictures of that!

But the place was packed with exhibitors and stand were awash with compliance but the challenge from a marketeers perspective was how to be heard above the din (Marketing wise as well as noise level). And the din was loud in the twittersphere, do a search on #infosec11 and stick your head in the twitter equivalent of a fast moving river without a snorkel. I pitied the attendees trying to work out what everyone did from the 300+ companies there offering hot air balloon rides, iPad2s, Nintendo 3DS etc. etc. I was exhausted just walking around. In truth, the hammers on the Bloxx stand were a good pleaser something for the kids (Felt like a real hammer would also be helpful for many) as was the Magician on the Voltage stand. Which ones worked for you!

I also very much enjoyed chats with ISACA London (or should I say Lebanon – now that’s a funny marketing tale but you’ll need to pop by their stand to find out why) and the Cloud Security Alliance. We’ll be sharing more thoughts on those next month so keep an eye out!

Anyway, my revelation from Day One was a bit of old news actually. The fact that TechTarget was acquiring Computer Weekly and sister publication, Microscope. See the announcement from a fortnight ago here for the full story.

Oh well felt a little bit like the shock when Compaq acquired DEC way back when. Well I think the Countdown team will be keen to catch up with some of the TechTarget old and new very soon to find out more.

More to come from us on Infosecurity Europe. We’ll do a round up soon from marketing managers at the show. So if you have any comments to share, please do drop us a line at infosecurity@launchpad-europe.com or tweet us @launchpadeurope or @321infosecurity. Hope you all survive Day Two and Three!

PS – Get 24-26 April 2011 in your diary for next year! When it all happens again 🙂


  1. If you thought the ladies in tight t-shirts were bad, what did you make of the lady in the bikini on the Oracle stand on day 2?

    • Ah well that I did not see! Sounds most interesting. Naughty Mr Ellison! Anyone else see the bikini-ed lady? What did you think? A G-string too far for Infosecurity pros?

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