Doctor cure thyself: CIPR gets first hand experience of crisis comms with latest data loss

May 16, 2011

By Rose Ross (@Rose_at_O)

Around 4pm on Saturday I received an email alert from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) about a data loss of 30 applications.

Some 30 paper based applications for membership including personal and financial information was lost on Friday evening on public transport. Full story from their website here. Hopefully the industry will not fall prey to friggatriskaidekaphobia! Fear of Friday the 13th for those not subjected to that question on the PTA quiznight last Friday.

 It was as one would expect a well crafted email with detail about what happened, what they had done and of course something which Sony didn’t do a number to ring if you think you might be impacted by this data loss. See our comments in our recent story on the Sony incident here.

Sony needs to look at what the CIPR did for 30 people versus what they offered to millions. Time to up your PR stakes Sony and treat peoples data with a little more respect. Maybe book up a course or two with the CIPR?


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