Computing Security Awards: How to Enter (Tips from the Organisers)

June 21, 2011

By Rose Ross (@Rose_at_O) and Olivia Shannon (@olivia_at_o)

Countdown2Infosecurity has obtained some excellent guidance from Dave Bonner at Computing Security magazine re: how to enter the 2011 Computing Security Awards. The Computing Security Awards website is now open to accept nominations until the 12th of August – but before you make your nomination, make sure you read the tips below.

The reader voting categories

As per the Network Computing Awards, the winners of most of the categories will be decided by online nominating and online voting. Everyone who has registered for Computing Security or Network Computing will be asked to make their nominations. Suppliers will also be encouraged to nominate themselves.

Once nominations have closed, those with the most in each category will be put onto a shortlist of finalists. Online voting on the finalists will then ultimately determine the winners.

The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on November 3rd. No one will be informed in advance that they have won or not won, so companies who are finalists and therefore contenders for the awards should have representatives at the ceremony to accept an award if need be.

Suppliers are encouraged to do what they can to secure nominations and votes. The most active group of nominators and voters will of course be the readers of Network Computing and Computing Security. If a supplier and its solutions are not very well known to these readers, it may struggle to get much support. Therefore, it would be advisable for such suppliers to step up their marketing to these readers sooner rather than later.

The categories judged by Ray Smyth, Editor of Computing Security and Network Computing:

Bench Tested Solution of the Year

No need for anyone to make a nomination here; all security solutions reviewed by Network Computing between November 2010 and October 2010 qualify automatically. If supplier wants to book a product/service in for review they should contact dave.bonner@btc.co.uk.

Security Project of the Year:

Ray will judge this, but initially the description/case study should be sent to Dave Bonner at the above email address. The Computing Security Awards are looking for projects that have been completed in the past 12 months. If work is ongoing (e.g. if a company has already kitted out their customer’s London office but hasn’t yet finished kitting out their Birmingham office), the project can still be entered as long as the customer has seen some benefits already that can be described in the entry.  Projects being submitted should contain the following:

1) A line or two to describe the customer and what they do
2) Details of who they called in to help
3) Details of what work was carried out
4) The effect of the work  – what benefits the customer has noticed

It’s a bit like submitting a case study to the magazine; the only difference here is that for this exercise, the Computing Security Awards are not looking to publish the story. If a project is selected to be a finalist, all that will appear on the awards web site and on the presentation on the night will be the name of the customer and the name of the supplier.

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