UK market set to see more Israeli infosecurity innovation over the coming months

September 28, 2011

by Mike Burkitt, @Mike_at_LPDE

As the Jewish New Year approaches, the Commercial Office of the Israeli Embassy in London is full of good news. According to a recent update from them, they state a massive leap in activity from Israel into the UK and big jumps in VC money going into Israeli companies:

“….UK-Israel Trade figures continue to grow. Data referring to the second quarter 2011, show the UK has become Israel’s second largest export market after the United States; over and above the Netherlands, China and Germany. At the same time, bilateral investments and joint ventures are developing.

On a macroeconomic level, Price Waterhouse Coopers recently stated that the total Venture Capital investment in Israeli technology firms has risen to $364 million for the second quarter of 2011, a dramatic 77 per cent increase on last year.

As Israel is world renowned as a hotbed of infosecurity innovation, it should mean a rise in Israeli representation at IT security events and within the channel in the UK. Good news for smart infosecurity resellers and distis and of course key event infosec event organisers such as IP EXPO, RSA Europe and Infosecurity.

So watch this space or should I say…..

תסתכל ברווח



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