#RSAC DAY ONE – Pictures at an Exhibition – A parrot (a la Monty Python), a pirate, and Angela Merkel (Well a German oompah band anyway) and a chaos box

February 28, 2012

By Rose Ross, @Rose_at_O

A picture paints a thousand words so here is RSA Conference in San Francisco day one.

Have a chat with Poli the Parrot on the Techguard stand. (And as a brit I can’t resist a link to the infamous Monty Python Parrot Sketch)

On the pirate related theme, we spotted this guy escaped in the forest from the IOActive stand.

If you want to win something neat. Pop over to the Titus stand to take flight with a neat remote control helicopter. Someone will have to run the gauntlet in the Chaos cabinet to get data under control. Check out Kristian’s efforts.

And last but by no means least, the German IT security booth with lots of the finest security from the European powerhouse. This oompah band.

And of course the ladies serving beer yesterday would NOT have spilt bier on Angela Merkel (Here courtesy of the Huffington Post)



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