THE guide to #RSAC 2012 courtesy of @securosis

February 28, 2012

By Rose Ross, @Rose_at_O

For first timers at the RSA Conference and maybe even some older hands such as myself, I wanted to share a great guide to the show which has been put together by those rather nice chaps at Securosis. 

To tell the truth I had, over the last few weeks, been tearing my hair out due to the crazy exhibitors listing (or lack of it!) and session scheduling on the official RSA website. (Sorry guys – love the show but I wanted to see who was there easily and that info was just not forthcoming) So when having a little web lurk today, I found just such a list of exhibitors along with tips and hints around making the most of the show in the Securosis’ guide to RSA. For anyone else who is having navigation issues on the RSA website, or just wants an experienced hand to guide them through this fab show. Click here and all or at least almost all will be revealed.

Thanks guys. Hope to see you at the Thirsty Bear for #securitybeers after the Welcome Reception tonight 🙂




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